The GHfP Institute’s events focus on creating opportunities for new forms of encounter and dialogue.

We believe that such interactions can enhance mutual respect and appreciation between peoples, groups, and promote harmony in societies. These events aim to generate new understanding and new awareness that can contribute to the overall aim of the Institute.

International Webinar: Educational Evaluation for Well-being: Personal, Relational, and Global held on 13th October on Zoom at 14.30 – 16.00 Central Europe Time. Global educational thinkers, practitioners and policymakers discussed the challenges of the current educational assessment paradigm, and explore the potentials of an innovative orientation to education, one that places the process of relating at the centre of learning and well-being. See Event Programme HERE.

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CRIC Annual Conference 2022: Disordering and Re-ordering – swing of the pendulum or spinning out of control to be held from the 19th to the 21st of September at Harris Manchester College, Oxford. The CRIC Annual Conference will be hybrid this year and will explore the question of whether there must be a struggle between rationality and passion until one wins out, or whether a fusion of these elements can lead us to finding a new paradigm for global relations.

International Workshop on Governance for Human Future: The Centrality of Dialogue, to be held on 10 Sept 2022, Harris Manchester College, Oxford. All accepted papers will be included in a Special Issue of Journal of Dialogue Studies to be published in 2023.

Africa, the continent where humanity created its first communities, has always had rich philosophies, wisdom and praxis aimed at developing humanising systems of governance through regulating power, enriching social interactions, distributing resources fairly, and harmonising human’s relationships with nature and other non-human entities.

To explore examples of traditional African endogenous governance systems, Afrospectives, a Global Africa Initiative, and the Global Humanity for Peace Institute are co-hosting an international online symposium. The presenters are distinguished high-level scholars, who will also engage with invited participants in co-creative dialogue about how the insights from traditional African governance practices might contribute to our collective efforts to meet contemporary global challenges.